Columbus Ga Family + Surprise Engagement | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Steinwachs

This sweet man has looked after my daughter for the last 2 years. He’s put up with my incessant first time mom, mundane calls. He’s also helped us through some rough and scary times as a parent. His dear wife is usually the one fitting us in, letting him take my calls after hours that interrupt their family time. He is hands down the BEST pediatrician in town… I literally love this man, and his sweet family. They truly live and love what they do. When asked to shoot this session, as massively pregnant and miserable as I might have been thinking about shooting in that heat; I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for the world. Not only did I get to spend the afternoon getting to know his whole family a bit better, but his daughter also had a surprise proposal waiting on her once we got there. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention our backdrop for this whole lovely day was the stunning, Levi Chapel in Hamilton. Talk about another sweet Godly man, Allen Levi is a whole ‘nother story!

Myself, the future groom, and momma all conspired over the course of about 2-3 weeks on how we could plan this family shoot around a surprise engagement. I think our planning all paid off! If not, the Oscar for Best Dramatic Performance goes to Alex! ALSO, please note Dad’s photobomb through the church window…

I’ve also decided to come out of wedding retirement to shoot this darling couple’s big day next year. All you other dear future brides out there, don’t get any ideas:) 

Laura Wemmer DeCoteau - Best Peds doctor ever! Beautiful family. The DeCoteau family loves you

Donna - What a beautiful place to get engaged!! The Chapel is amazing and the family just beautiful… You did a great job in your present condition Neely!! My favorite is the black and white shot of the couples kiss in front of the chapel, and the trees lining up on each side… Just beautiful!!! Great shoot Neely!!

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Columbus GA Family & Senior Photographers | Ker-Fox Photography | Counts Family

Can we just talk about how beautiful this family is… the men are as handsome as can be, and well momma, she is a stunner. They were so natural in front of the camera, and the way they have raised these boys to be gentlemen showed the whole time. It wasn’t work at all for me, just a fun afternoon hanging out with an awesome family! And congrats to their son Bailey on his upcoming senior year!


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Columbus GA Engagement Photographers | Ker-Fox Photography | Agi + Chad

Ok, so I have a soft spot in my heart and I’m a total sucker for international love. I myself fell madly in love with a handsome golfer from South Africa. So many of my close friends are international marriages, and sweet Agi and Chad here are also some of the lucky few that find their soulmate out in the wonderful wide world. Finding that person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with is a pretty magical thing regardless of where or how you meet. But to me, there is something magical, serendipitous when internationals find each other. I think of the billions of little moments in our lives that build up to that moment where two souls from opposite side of the world find themselves standing in front of the person they will one day marry. God is a pretty cool dude, because it’s a total God “thing” when the stars align like that.

Hope you enjoy these super sweet and romantic moments with my newest international love story buds!

Ashlee Tate - I absolutely LOVE every picture this photographer has taken! Wow!! Great pictures!! Chad and Agi, these are amazing!! Chad is my cousin. :) Agi you look beautiful and Chad you look handsome!!

Caroline Hidalgo - Beautiful. As always.

Brittany Blalock - Amazing! Congrats and I can’t decide which photo is my favorite. So I pick them all!!

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