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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Aislyn & Grayson


Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Aislyn & Grayson

**Trigger Warning: Post contains a story on infant loss**I'm always convinced people come into our lives for a reason, whether it is because they will enrich your life, or you theirs. I am so thankful that Brynn reached out to me. At our consult we chatted over coffee about what to expect, small talk as we got to know each other, and ultimately I learned about the loss of her twins, a son and daughter. It is never lost on me the unimaginable grief of losing a child, much less two... at the same time. And it's also never lost on me, how strong these parents are. I'm sure they don't feel strong, I'm sure there are days they are the weakest hearts on the planet. But hearing her story, and the hope, and the triumph of this pregnancy and to again be blessed with twins... a son and daughter, absolutely gives me goosebumps.  I am beyond thrilled that they got their DOUBLE rainbow! I am forever enriched by their story, by their friendship, and by these two miracles!

Brynn has a few words to share on her experience, I can't thank her enough for blessing me with the chance to share in this AMAZING moment with her and her husband. How did a land a "job" like this?!

Nothing about our journey to parenthood has been easy. After years of fertility treatments and losing our angel twins, getting to 37 weeks with our rainbow twins felt like such a blessing. Little did we know we were in for another roller coaster ride.

As we neared the birth of our twins, it began to come up that I had hired a birth photographer.  I got a lot of weird looks and awkward questions. To ensure a safe pregnancy, I had surgery to place magic bands around my cervix, necessitating a C-section. I know people were thinking, "Who wants pictures of a C-section?!" I am very thankful that Neely was able to participate in our journey.  I trusted her to take pictures of everything and the pictures are tasteful and beautiful.

Our birth experience did not go as planned, but that makes me even more grateful for these amazing pictures. (PSA to other mamas-if you go into labor hours before your scheduled c-section and go to the hospital early hoping they will give you drugs, they won't. No matter how many times you ask!)

For any parent the words "We have to take your baby to the NICU" is devastating. For us, those words created a nauseating sense of deja vu. Less than two years before, we lost twins at 23 weeks and the NICU was the scariest place on Earth. My whole pregnancy, I told people my goal was healthy babies and to never set foot in the NICU again.

Our NICU journey was cathartic in so many ways. We had amazing doctors and nurses who have such a heart for the tiniest babies. They kept us sane, answered a million questions, didn't laugh at our attempts to dress the munchkins and were just as excited as we were at each milestone towards getting released.

Because a c-section is major surgery, I had to remain in the OR while the babies were whisked away to the NICU.  Seeing the slideshow Neely compiled, showed me so many beautiful moments that I missed due to the c-section.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to have these moments captured.

Our journey to have a family has been a walk of faith. Aislyn and Grayson are an answer to many prayers.  We are so blessed to have these rainbow babies; Isaiah 61:3, they are truly beauty for ashes.

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Columbus, GA Birth Photographer | Killeen, TX | Ker-Fox Photography | Hello Mary!

Caroline, is so much more than a client... she has become such a close friend in the years since she first came into my life. A little backstory. I met Caroline in 2010 when her first photographer cancelled on her and left her quite literally "stood up" on location, while she was about 8 months pregnant! By the grace of God she somehow found me on Google and set into place a friendship that would change me as a person, and my business forever. We captured some beautiful photos during that maternity session, she's one of the most gorgeous pregnant women I've ever seen. A few short weeks later I get a phone call. One of those calls that you never forget... I'll always remember, I was standing in my kitchen cooking dinner. It was Caroline's sister. Caroline had lost sweet Cale. He was born sleeping. I hit my knees and started sobbing right there in the kitchen. I was taken back by how much this effected me. I'd only met Caroline for the 2 hours I shot with her. I'd not had kids of my own yet to understand a loss like that. But there I sat, numb, and angry, confused, and quite honestly lost. Weeks passed and I realized I had to deliver Caroline's maternity session. Not knowing how it would be received I felt a knot tie in my stomach. Delivering that album was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But I'm so thankful I did. Eventually my anger for what happened to Caroline, Miles, and Cale went away. And in it's place was hope... I promised to never forget Cale. And I haven't. I think of him often! He is still so much a part of their lives, still "alive", still being spoken of, still being loved. It's a beautiful thing to witness. She's taught me so much about infant loss. Even now years later I'm still continually amazed at her strength, yet her willingness to be transparent and vulnerable. If you know of anyone who has experienced the loss of a child she has a wonderful blog, you can visit HERE.

Fast forward nearly a year. I run into Caroline at a local store. And I see this sweet bump. She was expecting again. She asked if I would shoot her maternity session again, and I gladly accepted! Here's what I didn't know at the time. The next question she asked would completely change my business in the coming years. She asked if I would photograph Finley's birth. I myself was pregnant at the time, scared to "see behind the curtain" if you will before my own delivery. But, honestly I would've moved Heaven and Earth to make her happy. Again, I gladly obliged.

The time came for Finn's' delivery, I was in awe of her strength, her gracefulness. I was humbled by the palpable fear for the unknown. Remembering that nothing is ever promised in life. When it came time to push, it was over in a flash, 14 minutes of pushing which felt more like 2 minutes, and then the room held its breath.... waiting for that first breath. That first cry. And what a glorious cry Finn let out. The relief, the joy... the tears! There are no words to describe what sharing that moment meant to me. Being in the room when a new life enters this world, is spiritual, no doubt. But being in a room, when a family has experienced loss like that, knowing what this "cry" meant to them. It was almost more than I could handle. Finn's whole birth story can be seen HERE. I encourage you to read that post and view his sweet birth as well.

Caroline and Miles were re-stationed about 2 years ago to Killeen, TX. I got word that Caroline was expecting again and due in December. Remember how I said I would move Heaven and Earth to make her happy. There was no way I was missing out on being a part of this little one's story. Flights were booked, rental cars obtained... and I was on my way. In just over 48 hours of my arrival we managed to squeeze in a mini Maternity session, the birth of sweet Mary, and her newborn session. God is so good and so gracious in His will that miraculously we were able to get all of this in while I was there.

So here is Mary's birthday. Again, Caroline handled the day with poise and grace, a powerful force of motherhood and strength. I remembered how quickly Finn came, what seemed like the blink of an eye when Caroline started pushing. Mary was even quicker! That's not to say that labor wasn't long, and miserable at times... but Caroline doesn't mess around when it comes time to push. I think I counted 2 and a half pushes. And there SHE was, they had a daughter! Caroline and Miles had waited until birth to find out what they were having. So these expressions are one of relief and joy, but also the surprise of their sweet baby girl.

It's been an honor and a blessing to be a part of each of her children's lives and legacy. I don't think even she knows how much she and her children have impacted my life.

Her simple request for me to shoot Finn's birth, the experience I had, the miracle I witnessed... I knew I wanted to do this for a living. I knew right then I wanted to be a birth photographer. I wanted to capture these moments forever for moms and dads. There is no greater honor than to share the room when a baby is welcomed to the world. None greater.

I'm forever thankful for her friendship.

Love to you Caroline, Miles, Cale, Finley, and sweet Mary!

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Columbus GA Maternity, Delivery, Newborn Photography | Ker-Fox Photography | Finley's Journey

Please take the time to actually read this blog... their story is one to be told and one to be respected. The Hidalgo family came into my life over a year ago and since then they've gone from being my client, to being my dear friends. They've allowed me into the most intimate, tragic, hopeful, and miraculous times of their lives and I couldn't feel more honored. This blog is a perfect example of what we strive to do here at Ker-fox photography... photobiography, telling your story, all of it, and hopefully doing so with grace and love.

The Hidalgo's story with us started last year when Caroline called me to schedule a maternity session, she was due with her first child Cale. She quickly wanted to capture some maternity photos to surprise her husband who was stationed overseas at the moment. So we did, and got some gorgeous photos of her sweet belly and baby Cale. A mere few weeks later I got a phone call from her sister, and immediately I assumed the call was to tell me that Cale had arrived and get Caroline on the calendar for a newborn session. the news couldn't have been further from that... Caroline and Miles lost Cale. I sank into the kitchen floor and just sobbed. I just could not wrap my head around the news. My heart ached, and words escaped me. There are no words that comfort that kind of loss.

As some time passed Caroline and Miles contacted me to thank me for the session, and for capturing those moments with their sweet Cale. The first time I got to see them after their loss was to deliver their album, which was also the first time I'd ever met Miles. Delivering that album was one of the most difficult things I've had to do for one of my clients. The bad news wasn't done raining on this dear family... Miles and his entire family all serve in the military, graduates of the prestigious West Point, even Caroline herself graduated from West Point where she and Miles met. So to say that this is a patriotic family would be a massive understatement. Miles brother, Daren paid the ultimate price for that patriotism, as he was killed by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan in February. It all seems too much for one family to endure in a lifetime, much less in the timespan of under a year.

Sometime early in the year I get a phone call from Caroline... she was expecting again! Another little boy, Finley Daren (Daren, after his courageous Uncle), due just weeks before what would have been Cale's 1st birthday. Our journey together had begun once more. Again Miles was deployed but this time we waited for him to get back then scheduled her maternity session. She also asked if I would consider shooting the actual delivery, I didn't hesitate and immediately said of course! Little did I know that I soon too would be pregnant and shooting a delivery a few short months before my own arrival! But I was totally game for the experience, after all what could be a more miraculous thing to photograph than a new life coming into the world.

This blog isn't about me, but I must tell you what an amazing, beautiful, spiritual experience it was to witness Mr. Finley's birth. It was just Caroline, Miles, and myself... I mean what an honor. Caroline was such a trooper and seriously only pushed for 7 min.... let me repeat that, 7 min. I even checked my time stamps on the photos to make sure. She was full of grace considering just a year earlier that she lost her precious Cale. I say lost, but he isn't lost at all. They include him in so much that they do, his memory is strong, and I know they will always have it that way. Finn will always know about his big brother Cale thanks to his mom and dad. He was even wrapped in the same blanket as his big brother Cale. They also have a gorgeous bench and garden in their backyard in his memory. Caroline is a strong outspoken mother of losing a child, please take the time to check her blog and read all of Cale's story by clicking here. Also check her blog to see posts of Finley and just their life in general by clicking here.

To say that these 3 mean so much to me is an understatement. Every single client that walks through my door effects my life in some positive way... but meeting these two has completely changed my life. I don't think even they know quite what they mean to me, being a part of their lives and the way they allowed me in it. Yes it was my job, and my purpose was to capture these moments for them. But for me this was so much more than "work".

I love all of my newborns I get to shoot, but I watch fondly as this little one grows and always remember Cale. Cause if it weren't for Cale, I wouldn't know these two amazing people.

Below are some of the images from the month long journey from her maternity session to the delivery to the newborn session... I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.