One of the hardest realizations as a parent, is that each day, if we’re raising them well and loving them fiercely… they will inevitably wander further and further from the warmth of our arms. They will wander out into the world, and we will hold our breath waiting for them to wander back home through […]


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There’s a song that no matter how many times I hear it, I cry. Tears streaming. CRY. It’s what I like to call an ass kicker. It kicks me in proverbial emotional rear end, every time. I’ll even inflict self torture by playing it if I need a good reminder.

Growing up child
Is just a matter of time,
For giving all you’ve got,
So won’t you dance under the sun.

Growing old
Feels like you’re giving up your soul.
I’d rather give it freely
To the ones that I call home.


Growing Up Child, Is Just A Matter Of Time…

I love all of my birth clients, I do, but this girl I love like a sister. We talk nearly everyday. She knows parts of me that no one else does and loves me regardless. Outside of my family, she is my biggest cheerleader, butt kicker, and all around touchstone for advice whenever I call. […]

Birth Sessions

Columbus, GA Photographer | Birth | Ker-Fox Photography | Maeve

This birth, this mom, this couple, this baby, this family… they are all so, so dear to my heart. If the Lord had a theme song for their love story, it would be the song I chose for their birth story. Lindsay and Nathan’s love story was one of waiting, as was the birth of […]

Birth Sessions

Columbus, GA Photographer | Birth | Ker-Fox Photography | Shepherd

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