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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth | Evie's Grand Entrance!

Every birth photographer fears not making it to the birth in time and missing the delivery. It's the things our nightmares are made of. It will happen, in my career I will miss a birth from a baby being born so quickly. But I never, in a million years, imagined I could nearly miss a birth while in the hospital's waiting room, a mere 50 yards from my sweet client's room. At 4 weeks postpartum myself, I was shooting my first birth after having my own baby and therefore needing to pump while at the hospital. Everyone was so understanding and gracious, even giving me a nice private room in the NICU to pump! Nolan's very kind family offered to buy me lunch and I obliged. And thankfully so! Had I not stayed to eat lunch with them I most definitely would've missed this birth. After eating lunch I decided I better return to Kelly's room and grab my pump for one last pumping session before things got moving. Upon returning to her room, I could clearly see she was in transition and in pain. The nurse checked her within seconds of me being in the room. Kelly was at 8cm. Mentally I thought I still had time to pump, bent down to get what I needed, before hearing a very distinct vocal range (to put things mildly). I turned around to realize the baby's head was crowning! Organized chaos ensued. Yelling for doctor, pleading with Kelly not to push... in comes the doctor. Cool, calm, and collected,  just in time to, quite literally, catch sweet Evie. Dr. E was amazing throughout the day. He had such a calm presence about him, even early on when Kelly thought her labor wasn't progressing. His quiet reassurance was quite encouraging. And even in what seemed like craziness, all of the nurses and medical staff handled the moment like seasoned pros. As photographers we have the pleasure of time-stamps on our photos... while editing, I looked back through these images leading up to delivery. From the time I stepped back into her room after lunch, to the time the baby was born was 3 minutes ladies and gentlemen. 3 MINUTES! She progressed from 8cm-10cm and baby born in 3 minutes.

Kelly was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. All natural, beautiful, powerful! She had been rocking along all morning to her hypnobirth audio, smiling, laughing, loving on her husband.

These two! I swear, I've never seen a support system quite like what Nolan provided his bride. And you guys, his expressions are PRICELESS!

Kelly and Nolan waited until delivery to find out what they were having. But their precious first born knew the whole time, he even named his unknown sibling "Penelope". When he entered the room to see his sister for the first time, Kelly and Nolan were worried he wouldn't accept this new name, specially considering she was, in fact, a girl. They said, this is your sister... her name is Evie. And precious Oliver didn't skip a beat. He looked at his sister with adoring eyes and simply said, "Hello Evie".

Not many times do I say this, and don't get me wrong Kelly and Ms. Evie are rockstars... But this time, I think the boys stole the show.

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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth | Merritt

  Let me start off by saying I love all of my clients. Most have never met me before our consults, but by the time their baby delivers we have forged a new but intimate friendship. And I count myself beyond blessed to call these families and strong momma's my friends. But there is something sacred and overwhelmingly wonderful when I have the honor of sharing the room when one of my closest friends became a mommy for the first time. Tears filled my viewfinder and streamed down my face watching the outpouring of love that instantly filled the room when Merritt arrived.

I've known Josh since 2006, he is such a sincere and devoted husband, and well, as you'll see in the photos, he is madly in love with his son. He's a natural at being a daddy! And Tatum, where do I start. We can talk for hours about absolutely nothing. We share secrets and vent about life. She would give me the shirt off her back if I even hinted that I was in need. I am so very blessed by her friendship. And watching her become a mom, as she slipped in to that roll so effortlessly, was inspiring.

I love that birth photography is what I call "work", as it never really feels like a job. It's my passion, my calling, and my desire to serve these families. I am humbled each time, and I marvel at the miracle of life. Our Creator is an amazing sculptor, who knits us all together perfectly in our mother's womb. Being present when life takes it's first breath, well there's nothing better really.

Tatum and Josh, I love you to bits. I'm so very proud of the parent's you've become!

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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth | Baby A's Delivery

Trigger Warning : Pregnancy loss Each year I try and offer one pro bono birth session to a deserving family. When this sweet momma wrote to me last year, I could feel the Lord tugging at my heart to offer to shoot her delivery free of charge if she would accept. Maria simply wrote to me, with no agenda, to tell me how much my work, and reading these happy stories of birth meant to her. But what got me, was her testimony. She went on to tell me that she had one emergency c-section, one rushed c-section and had lost 3 pregnancies, all precious little girls. She was at the time, pregnant with another little girl, and was daily living in faith that this sweet girl would be born crying! I knew right then, after reading her email that I HAD to shoot this birth. I knew what this sweet girl meant to them.

I asked Maria to write a quick testimony of her experience with loss. It's a taboo thing to talk about in our society it seems. But it happens. It happens so much more often than most are willing to admit. Whether it's early miscarriages, or late term babies born sleeping. This month is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, so what better time to honor these courageous women and families.  These momma's have bore the scars of wounds that will never heal, know loss like others could never fathom. Their babies were here and they were mommas, even if they never held their babies in their arms... they held them in their tummies. And they were loved. OH how they were loved. And will continue to be loved. The best gift you can give a momma who has lost a baby, is to speak of that baby, speak it's name often. It makes that baby real, it honors that baby's memory, it honor's that momma, and that family. Don't tell these sweet family's, "Give it time, it will get better." Or "It's ok, you can have another baby". Don't tell them, "Your loss makes me hug my own kids a little tighter at night". Sometimes don't say anything at all. Just hug them, love them, and honor those tiny lives.

I am so thankful the Lord compelled her to write that email. And I'm so glad I was able to be there for the birth of this precious miracle. Oh and enjoy her boys seeing their sister for the first time. They melt me. They couldn't keep their sweet hands and fingers from gently exploring her delicate features.

Here is Maria's testimony:

"Last night Neely asked me to share my testimony of my beautiful girls I handed over to God. I've been praying and wrestling with what to say. I've been asking God to make it clear what to say and how. A loss is a hard and difficult, complex thing to deal with and no two people will go through it the same way, everyone is unique in their situation. All I can do is offer my story and the hope that comes with it.

Miscarriage, it's a hard word and for some very awkward. I've had three all different, but all hard. We decided to name our baby girls, Eva Renae, my first baby was my hardest life experience to this day! I won't go into the whole story but she has an emotional one! We were all ready for our first ultrasound to meet our little one, I was just barely in my second trimester, we were excited!!! What started as a joyous, exciting day ended in fear, hopelessness, frustration, disbelief and some of the most heart wrenching pain I had ever felt...our baby had no heartbeat. What made it worse was that I was part of the 1% of women who go through this kind of miscarriage called a "missed miscarriage" meaning the baby passed away only days to hours ago. I can still feel the clutch at my heart, it was like someone was squeezing it so very hard, I felt hot tears rolling down my face. Numb was how I felt in the minutes and hours after finding out.

I opted not to have a D&C, hoping that the doctor was wrong and that my precious baby was still alive. I know that for a lot of you, just reading this is too hard, I understand that so well! I've been there and am still there at times BUT my story finishes in such beautiful hope. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I know many of you know this quote, "God never gives you more than you can handle". I actually somewhat disagree! I could not have handled all that on my own as the quote suggests, but God got me through it all! "He helped me handle what He CHOSE to give me" I find that to be more accurate. He was gentle and kind, as He listened to me scream, cry, plead. He gave me the strength I needed, I have never felt closer to Him than in those moments following the losses of my girls. The sweet tears that He shed with me. He was there through my anger, sadness, tears and prayers. I yelled at Him, pleaded with Him. I felt His presence constantly, I had a vivid picture of him holding and comforting me on one knee and Eva, Jianna and Hope were in His arms sitting on His other knee.

Dear dear beautiful mom, you are so very much loved! Please do not blame yourself! You are NOT to blame! You are so much more than what you are going through! I know it's hard to fathom sometimes, but God knows exactly what you are going through! He can handle your anger and your hurt. People can say very hurtful things, I don't think they mean to. But regardless of numbers, statistics or public opinions...this is your baby and you honor that baby's life how you choose! We made birth announcements and had their names engraved on charms.

Dear mama, please cry, cry and cry! talk about it! I don't understand why they say wait to tell people when you find out your expecting. I can't imagine not telling people! I had so many beautiful people praying for me! We are meant for community and you have all the right to be proud of your baby!

You are beautiful, strong and God made no mistakes! His joy comes in the " mourning". Psalms 119 has some beautiful prayers! Jeremiah 29:11 is my precious Girls verse. Neely has a beautiful and powerful opportunity to show Gods miracles and the Hope that comes with loss, reading her blog has brought me to tears! Such beautiful and strong women! I was told I possibly couldn't get pregnant or have girls! I told them Gods will be done! I now have two healthy handsome boys and a beautiful girl! God blows my mind everyday! I'm human and have my moments but He is so amazing!!!"




Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth | Twins | Mason + Carter

These babies are miracles. 4 and a half years in the making. Clients will often open up to me through the months I get to know them. Some are funny stories of how they found out they were pregnant and others are about the struggles to get pregnant. Rachel and Justin are letting me share the cliff notes of their struggle. When I asked Rachel if I could share her story, she said, "I have always prayed that out of our "struggle" I would be able to help someone else, maybe telling the story would help give someone else hope!". Rachel and Justin, high school sweethearts, married many years, tried for two years to get pregnant. Then finally they got the news they had been praying for, they were pregnant! But like so many times (and often never spoken of), they miscarried at 12 weeks. One thing I pray my readers and mommas know is that miscarriage is so much more common than most people know. You are not alone. And another thing, that baby was here on this earth, you were a momma, if even briefly. Give yourself time to grieve that loss. Rachel and Justin tried for another year to no avail, when she was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. She underwent surgery to try and correct complications, but was told In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was their best bet at becoming pregnant. At the end of their IVF journey Rachel and Justin had 3 embryos, 2 of which were implanted resulting in these precious miracles. Shortly afterwards they found out that the 3rd embryo did not sustain... So for now, precious Carter and sweet Mason have made their world's complete. So when you watch this video, and you see these expressions. Understand, this is what 4 and half years of hopeful, joyous anticipation look like. This is also what God showing up looks like... moving mountains. And faith, endearing faith in the face of adversity.

I am so incredibly thankful I was able to shoot this birth. This was my last job before going on maternity leave myself, unsure if I could handle the physical strain... she was 35 weeks and I was 34 weeks. I ended up having my own son one day after her would be due date.

Rachel's water broke, and her scheduled c-section date went out the window! I had to rush to the hospital, as she was having regular contractions. In triage she was told she was already at 5 cm, Baby A was head down, but Baby A was transverse/breech, making a c-section necessary. What makes her birth story unique, was although it was a scheduled c-section, with her going into labor I was able to get some beautifully intense labor shots. And as crazy as it sounds, I think she was happy to know "what labor felt like".

Rachel was wonderfully supported the whole time by her husband and family. Both of the babies arrived safely thanks to the ever amazing and supremely dedicated Dr. Stephens. He also happens to be the first hands to ever touch my babies, as he welcomed both of my kiddos into this world. I adore the doctor he is and the level of care he gives his patients. It's inspiring.

Ok, back to the delivery details. Baby A was rocking along nicely, but Baby B needed a little help and went to the Special Care Unit for some oxygen for a few hours. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me in, so I got the settings squared away and handed daddy my camera. Thankfully he was able to snag a couple while in there to at least tell that small portion of his story.

Rachel has a sister, her expressions will make your heart burst at the seams. It's seeing their relationship that makes me wish I had a sister (don't worry Josh, a sister in addition to the awesome brother I have). It's also their relationship that made me daydream about these precious boys, and how close they will be as they grow up.

And the song, uh, the song... Hold Us Together by Matt Maher. Listen to the lyrics as you watch the images. This was Rachel and Justin's anthem through their journey with infertility, up to the joyous arrival of their perfect boys.

"Love will hold us together Make us a shelter to weather the storm And I'll be my brother's keeper So the whole world would know that we're not alone

This is the first day of the rest of your life This is the first day of the rest of your life 'Cause even in the dark you can still see the light It's gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright"

In the weeks following their birth, I've watched these two amazing people mould into phenomenal parents... wearing it so well, so naturally. Being parents to twins, is no walk in the park. But knowing what it took to get these boys, even the days/nights in the trenches, I'm sure, have glimmers of radiant joy for the craziness and love they have brought to their lives.

A special thanks to the nurses and doctors that allow me into their space. I am always grateful for the opportunity, but even more so when I am allowed to share the operating room, and with premie twins no less! I may have a "cool job", but I wouldn't have it without the trust and relationships built with the medical professionals in our area. I'm eternally grateful I get to do this job I love!

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Song 2: Matt Maher - Hold Us Together