(Just a heads up, when you watch the slideshow, that is sweet Prudence’s daddy singing to her at the beginning!) When you specialize in the same field for years, you get into a groove and sometimes think you’ve seen it all. Then you have a client who delivers within 26 minutes of arriving at the […]

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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth Photography | Dear Prudence

I got to witness, hands down, the most selfless acts a human being can do for another… I watched a mother, who loved her child endlessly choose adoption for her child, and gave the gift of life, to another mother who couldn’t conceive. Leslie and Michael tried for over 4 years to have their own child: fertility treatments, […]

Birth Sessions

Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | San Jose, CA | Ker-Fox Birth Photography | An Adoption Story

Where. To. Start?! Two months ago I had never really met Hannah, or Luke. However, 15 years ago I met Heath, Hannah’s brother. We became fast friends my freshman year in high school. I ragged him about Auburn football and he made fun of my monkey toes. Even at 15 years old I knew that […]

Birth Sessions

Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Moses, a Thursday Son

I love, love, love getting to follow up my birth clients with a newborn session! Precious babe, gorgeous mom, and super sweet doting daddy… it makes for a perfectly snuggly and sweet newborn session. Not to mention the nursery and house made for a perfect backdrop. I can’t wait to watch this sweet pea grow […]

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