Say hello to Annalisa, she is the very first Turner baby to be born in her great-grandmother’s namesake hospital, the Sue Marie Turner Women’s Hospital at St. Francis. I have had the pleasure of knowing her gorgeous momma for years now (I won’t say how many, it makes me feel old). Kayla, took one of […]

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I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet soon-to-be big brother’s newborn photos nearly 3 years ago. And on Friday, I’ll have the pleasure of sharing the room when his new baby brother is born! Jeannie and her sweet husband are just the best and I’m so thankful we had the chance to get a […]


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So I promised since I was the second child myself, and grew up well aware of the “shortcomings” that come with being the second child: incomplete photo albums, in comparison to my brother’s 6 complete albums bursting at the seams, hand me down toys and clothes vs. new everything. Yeah, I had fabulous intentions, and […]


Maternity Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth | Awaiting Alden

¬† My photographic hero/icon/inspiration,¬†Dorothea Lange‘s birthday was yesterday, she was a pioneer for female photographers… I felt her quote on courage was fitting for this blog post. After you read and watch this birth story, if you yourself had a similar birth experience, I ask that you please leave this precious momma some uplifting words […]

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