If you follow my work you may have seen this little darling’s baby brother’s birth story a few months ago. Well, now it’s her turn for her birth story of sorts. I was asked along to document the day she forever became a Hollifield. The day she was adopted out of the foster care system […]

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The longer I do this, the more repeat clients I have… and this precious momma has had two very important firsts for me as a birth photographer. Her first baby was my first family centered csection, and this baby was my first csection with the use of a clear drape. I witnessed both births completely […]

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Just before Christmas I was asked to film and photograph a progressive family dinner. Admittedly I did not know what that was. But as soon as Jenny told me, I knew it was going to be a blast to document. And it was, but whew, it was also a challenge. 4 houses, 4 meals, in […]

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Oh Maris and her labors…. or at least the two I have attended. Just goes to show how different each labor and birth can be. I was present for the birth of her 3rd, Prudence. I arrived at the hospital at the same time they did and just 26 minutes later Pru was born! When […]

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