I’ve been able to photograph each one of the sweet kiddos in the Hawk family… and nothing could’ve made me happier than being asked to come along to photograph them bringing their daughter home from China. It was a LONG road to get to this point. Adoption is not for the faint of heart. It’s […]


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I’ve been blessed to know these two for more years than I care to mention… so being asked along to document sweet Edee’s birth, was, well… an honor. I have been alongside these two photographing their life’s milestones. I shot their engagement photos, their wedding, and now the birth of their child. There is beauty […]

Birth Sessions

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Life is funny sometimes. I wasn’t supposed to be Jess and Joey’s birth photographer. But as life would have it, I was called in to help a friend, and ended up making a new friend. Jess had a quick and powerful birth. I was in awe of her control and strength as she labored naturally. […]

Birth Sessions

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In the summer of last year I formally met Dr. Strozier while shooting a birth with a client that was using her as her OB. And she herself was pregnant at the time. We’d previously, and casually exchanged smiles and hellos in the hallways of the hospital, but during this particular birth I first “got […]

Birth Sessions

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