Meet my first repeat client… Nothing makes my heart smile quite like watching families grow, whether the first baby or many later. Amelia is an Irish twin to her sister Adelyn, just over 10 months apart. You can see her birth story HERE. Shalon handled both labors with such grace and strength, and honestly stunning beauty. I […]

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Sometimes little hiccups come along with birth, things you may have not planned for, and sometimes you have to wait. Sometimes you wait moments that seem like lifetimes, hours that seem like days. But nothing can compare to the moment you get to see your baby for the first time, touch your baby for the […]

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**Trigger Warning: Post contains a story on infant loss**I’m always convinced people come into our lives for a reason, whether it is because they will enrich your life, or you theirs. I am so thankful that Brynn reached out to me. At our consult we chatted over coffee about what to expect, small talk as […]

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I got to witness, hands down, the most selfless acts a human being can do for another… I watched a mother, who loved her child endlessly choose adoption for her child, and gave the gift of life, to another mother who couldn’t conceive. Leslie and Michael tried for over 4 years to have their own child: fertility treatments, […]

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