What started out as a nursing session with Maris and her newest babe, turned into a full on day-in-the-life session as her boys dare not be upstaged by their sister. And true to form, the middle one stole the show. I love the simplicity, low stress, and genuine realness in these types of sessions. Snotty […]

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Photobiography | Documentary Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Nursing

It’s taken 6 years of me being a professional photographer to finally figure out why the good Lord gave me the gifts of photography/creativity/compassion: I truly love people… and the human condition. At my core I love deeply, feel deeply, IĀ give deeply. I think that is why birth photography suited me so well. I’ve wanted […]

Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections | Embracing and Empowering Positive Body Image | Ker-Fox Photography | Kristi

  Sometimes an idea, a thought, a life changing moment is so complex it seems impossible to put into words… well this is exactly that. I sit here as if in front of a blank canvas, unsure how to truly explain everything. For the last 9 months I have struggled with my postpartum body. Unlike […]

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Perfect Imperfections: Embracing and Empowering Positive Body Image | Ker-Fox Photography | St. Francis Midwives | BirthSource

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