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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Aislyn & Grayson


Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Aislyn & Grayson

**Trigger Warning: Post contains a story on infant loss**I'm always convinced people come into our lives for a reason, whether it is because they will enrich your life, or you theirs. I am so thankful that Brynn reached out to me. At our consult we chatted over coffee about what to expect, small talk as we got to know each other, and ultimately I learned about the loss of her twins, a son and daughter. It is never lost on me the unimaginable grief of losing a child, much less two... at the same time. And it's also never lost on me, how strong these parents are. I'm sure they don't feel strong, I'm sure there are days they are the weakest hearts on the planet. But hearing her story, and the hope, and the triumph of this pregnancy and to again be blessed with twins... a son and daughter, absolutely gives me goosebumps.  I am beyond thrilled that they got their DOUBLE rainbow! I am forever enriched by their story, by their friendship, and by these two miracles!

Brynn has a few words to share on her experience, I can't thank her enough for blessing me with the chance to share in this AMAZING moment with her and her husband. How did a land a "job" like this?!

Nothing about our journey to parenthood has been easy. After years of fertility treatments and losing our angel twins, getting to 37 weeks with our rainbow twins felt like such a blessing. Little did we know we were in for another roller coaster ride.

As we neared the birth of our twins, it began to come up that I had hired a birth photographer.  I got a lot of weird looks and awkward questions. To ensure a safe pregnancy, I had surgery to place magic bands around my cervix, necessitating a C-section. I know people were thinking, "Who wants pictures of a C-section?!" I am very thankful that Neely was able to participate in our journey.  I trusted her to take pictures of everything and the pictures are tasteful and beautiful.

Our birth experience did not go as planned, but that makes me even more grateful for these amazing pictures. (PSA to other mamas-if you go into labor hours before your scheduled c-section and go to the hospital early hoping they will give you drugs, they won't. No matter how many times you ask!)

For any parent the words "We have to take your baby to the NICU" is devastating. For us, those words created a nauseating sense of deja vu. Less than two years before, we lost twins at 23 weeks and the NICU was the scariest place on Earth. My whole pregnancy, I told people my goal was healthy babies and to never set foot in the NICU again.

Our NICU journey was cathartic in so many ways. We had amazing doctors and nurses who have such a heart for the tiniest babies. They kept us sane, answered a million questions, didn't laugh at our attempts to dress the munchkins and were just as excited as we were at each milestone towards getting released.

Because a c-section is major surgery, I had to remain in the OR while the babies were whisked away to the NICU.  Seeing the slideshow Neely compiled, showed me so many beautiful moments that I missed due to the c-section.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to have these moments captured.

Our journey to have a family has been a walk of faith. Aislyn and Grayson are an answer to many prayers.  We are so blessed to have these rainbow babies; Isaiah 61:3, they are truly beauty for ashes.

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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Kal

Each client, each birth, are all different. Everyone has different circumstances and stories that brought their babies into this world, some come easy with nothing but stories of anxious excitement. Other's come with history, with longing, with a different kind of anxiety. No matter what their story, I always encourage my clients to share. To share their testimonies. As women sometimes we hide what we don't think is "normal" or things that apparently are made to make us feel weak or "lesser than", whether it be miscarriage, infant loss, infertility, struggles with breastfeeding, body shaming, postpartum depression.... I could go on and on. Each story my clients are brave enough to share, could encourage just one woman sitting quietly in her struggles. This is somewhat my mission if you will, my ministry. I feel the Lord has given me a gift of photography and the platform to bring Glory to Him and empower/encourage/support women. I pray Rebecca and Matt's story does all of those things. Rebecca ended up having to deliver early due to HELLP syndrome a rare but dangerous complication of pregnancy. Take a moment to read some information on it, it could be useful information if you're pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

No one can tell their story quite like themselves, so Rebecca wrote a few words I wanted to share with you:

We waited. We prayed. We waited and fought through infertility issues. We prayed each month for 3 years. Tests, surgery, blood work, tests and more tests and lastly an IUI procedure. Finally, after hearing words we never thought we'd hear, "YOU'RE PREGNANT", we waited and we prayed. We waited for weekly ultrasounds and prayed this blessing would grow and grow and grow. We waited to see if it was a boy or a girl. We prayed for health and strength and patience. We then waited for results on our little ones heart. We prayed, but knew without a doubt that everything was fine. And it was. Mom is healthy and feeling great. Baby is developing more and more. There was kicking and hiccups and all the crazy things moms feel happening. We are doing this. We are having a baby! A shower is planned. Maternity pictures are scheduled. The nursery is pretty much done.

33 weeks, on valentines day, it all hit the fan.... We waited in the emergency room. We prayed that nothing was wrong. My blood pressure was extremely high, my liver wasn't functioning properly. Seizures could start at any moment and our baby would be in respiratory distress. WHAT?!! HOW COULD THIS BE?!! HELLP syndrome? never heard of it and now it is causing the emergency delivery of our baby 6 weeks early. Terrified doesn't begin to describe it as we were rushed to a room. IV's, cords, monitors, people everywhere. This wasn't the plan. There wasn't a bag packed. There wasn't a baby shower or maternity pictures.

We waited for the steroid shot to help the baby's lungs. We prayed my blood pressure would drop so that I could at least be awake for the c-section, so that Dad could be in the O.R. and so that Neely could capture every crazy beautiful moment possible.  We waited for 7:30 a.m, Monday, February 16th. We prayed this baby would arrive safely. We were shaking, waiting and praying when 14 minutes later we heard the cry of our son. IT'S A BOY!!! Kal Kenneth Harwell was screaming so loud and we knew that was a good thing. Kal was whisked away to the NICU, Matt followed. I layed there waiting and praying harder than I ever have before. They told me Kal would be okay but would need to stay in the nursery for a couple of weeks.

I got to touch my son quickly as I was wheeled through on my way to another room. That single moment took my breath away. The IV's and monitors now covered him. I didn't see a thing but my son. We waited for his improvements. We prayed for strength for us all. Everyday Kal grew stronger but we had to wait...again. I got discharged, Kal had to stay longer. We left the hospital with a car packed full of flowers and gifts, but without the most important thing. Luckily, the second week, although very trying and hard, went by quickly. We waited that morning we were taking him home. We prayed we wouldn't have to come back.

Nothing went according to my plan. Literally from start to finish..not one single thing. After years of waiting and praying we finally realized that it was never about "our plan", it was about HIS plan. HE knew what he was doing and HE answered every prayer. I have never had issues with blood pressure, and haven't had any issues since. I think Kal knew he was wanted and loved so much that he didn't want to make us wait any longer. As he sleeps in his swing and we wait for the next feeding, we pray we can be everything he needs us to be as parents. From one of life's wild rides to the next, all we can do is wait and pray.

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