So this dear sweet lady went from being my husband’s college professor and mentor, to our neighbor, to a dear friend that I got to share the honor of watching her become a mommy all over again. I must say though that I nearly missed “that moment”. They currently hold the closest call I’ve had […]

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Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth | Michael’s Birth Story

So I promised since I was the second child myself, and grew up well aware of the “shortcomings” that come with being the second child: incomplete photo albums, in comparison to my brother’s 6 complete albums bursting at the seams, hand me down toys and clothes vs. new everything. Yeah, I had fabulous intentions, and […]


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So you know how some women defy all understanding of beauty, well this momma takes the cake. Not only did she successfully navigate a natural birth, in a hospital (St. Francis’ Women’s Hospital), with a birthing tub (only for the laboring portion), while listening to Hypnobabies, and come out the other side still looking like […]

Birth Sessions

Birth Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Birth | Samuel’s Birth Story

You remember that rock star momma and her natural birth? If not her birth story can be seen HERE. In the meantime, this sweet bundle is the product of that hard work and labor she owned like a champ. Sweet Neyland (Neely), is just a ball of bright-eyed beauty. It’s safe to say too that […]

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