4. Four. I’ve been there for all FOUR of this momma’s babies. And this was her 3rd successful VBAC. Watching Marlia through each of these births was like watching iron sharpen iron. She grew stronger and more confident in what her body could do, and more comfortable in her own skin. In a […]

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It is with great anticipation that I FINALLY get to share this birth. And the reason I finally have permission could not be any sweeter! The Hollifields have been waiting to finalize the adoption of their second youngest, a mere 4 months older than her younger brother. Baby H, or should I finally say, precious Haley… […]

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Columbus, GA Birth Photography | Ker-Fox Photography | Silas: Family Centered Cesarean

This was a pregnancy full of ups and downs, highs and lows, but ultimately every prayer was answered, and sweet Marielli came earthside the way her momma had always wanted. We’ll never be sure why Marlia’s first delivery resulted in a c-section, and I tell all my c-section mammas it’s never a good idea to […]

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