Through my own personal experiences, and over a decade of being a birth photographer, one of the most challenging and soul stretching periods of motherhood are the months immediately following the birth of your child. Often times pregnant mothers are doted on, tummies are rubbed, doors are opened for you, baby showers are held. Then suddenly the baby’s here and you’re tired, you’re bleeding, you’re leaking from places you didn’t know possible, and yet even with amazing families and support systems you can still feel surprisingly alone. But it's also a time of great intimacy, personal growth, bonding with you baby, resting, and finding your new normal. These sessions help freeze in time the beautiful chaos that is postpartum. It's gone in an instant, but it forever moulds who we become as mothers. 

Sessions take place over 2 hours, with approximately 25-30 images. These sessions are ideal for new moms with babies under 6 months. A simple questionnaire will be provided to help me better understand what aspects of your postpartum experience you want to celebrate as well as those you wish to shine the light on and educate others.

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