pho•tog•ra•phy: n. The art, process, or job of taking pictures with a camera.
bi•og•ra•phy: n. The story of a person’s life, recounted by someone else.


Is your house messy right now? Would finding two matching socks be a challenge, much less pulling together matching outfits for a family photoshoot? Was your last shower more than 2 days ago? Yeah girl.... This kind of session is for you.

Becoming a mother changed the way I saw the world, it changed how I saw through my lens, it changed WHAT I saw, and what I saw to be important. 

The desire to capture life, as it's happening. Real. Life. Not posed, polished, shiny, and pretty life. But the powerful, gritty, soul shaking beauty of real life.

What does real life family look like in a family photojournalism session? What are the things that 20 years from now you don't ever want to forget? For me now, in this season... I want to remember the dimples on the top of my daughter's hands, and what they look like covered in finger paint. I want to remember how my son crosses his feet and strokes my face when he nurses. I want to remember this home, we may not always live here. I want to look back at these memories and be able to taste the cookies baking in the kitchen, and smell the soap in her hair when I give her a bath.

I want to freeze time. I want to preserve this life.

• The shoot is unposed, un-choreographed, and unscripted: Your family depicted as authenticly as possible. The sessions start off with a few posed family photos to break the ice and make everyone comfortable with me being there, and then we move into the documentary portion of the shoot. This allows the added bonus of 1-2 traditional family photos, within your documentary session.

 • Bookings are limited as to provide a more intimate and thorough representation of the part of your life you wish to document.

• A $500 deposit is required for photo sessions and a $800 deposit for video sessions.

Day in the Life: Photos Only

• HALF DAY $1100

During this session we are able to capture a 4-6 hours of your favorite time of day. Are lazy Saturday mornings, snuggled on the couch watching cartoons your jam? Or maybe cooking a yummy breakfast together, before heading out to the park? Maybe you guys are night owls, prefer building forts in the living room, only to tear them down with a pillow fight, followed by bedtime stories. Whatever time of day it might be, let me be there to capture it in all it's perfectness. This season of your lives only happens for a finite and fleeting moment! Session includes 4 hours of Coverage.

• FULL DAY: $2000

Includes 10-12 hours of coverage. From the time you wake up until the lights go out. Location to be determined based on what your uniquely "you" day looks like. I am there before the alarm goes off in the morning, to make sure I get those adorable bed-head babes as they stumbled out of their room, and go on to conquer their day. I basically hang out with you, preferably like and old friend, a fly on the wall, while you go about your day. You can plan our shoot around specific special events in your lives, or my favorite... your mundanely, perfect, beautiful, everyday. Photos are individually, hand edited and delivered digitally via online galleries for download.

Day in the Life: Video

• HALF DAY:  $1700
• FULL DAY: $3000

No one likes being redundant so I'll save you some time reading. These look exactly like the photo sessions, except.... wait for it.... we film video instead! There is something about moving pictures, coupled with sound that help ingrain our memories into our hearts with profound clarity. Imagine years from now being able to hear her sweet giggle during a tickle fight, or hear your son as he says his nightly prayers. This is an heirloom for generations. Booking one of  these videos should be an annual investment for a family, a glimpse into a season of life that goes all too quickly. 


• PHOTO ONLY: $600
• VIDEO ONLY: $800

I know for me, there some small snippets of my everyday life that carry profound emotional significance. Little hours here and there that I wish I could freeze forever. Does your husband take your daughter on daddy/daughter dates, and you've kind of always wanted to be a fly on the wall to all the sweetness? Is your baby boy going to get his first big boy hair cut? Mommy/daughter pedicures followed by cupcakes at your local bakery? Or maybe you just want to remember the tininess of how they need you at bedtime, and bath-time... how they splash and make messes, or how they curl up next to you while you read their favorite story. Or maybe you want to remember afternoon visits to the park, where your son giggles and tells you it tickles his tummy when you push him higher on the swing. Whatever fleeting hour of your day you wish you could hold onto forever, this session is for you. (Additional hours can be added at $100/hr)



We photographers deal in things that are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth that can make them come back again. We cannot develop a memory.
— Henri Cartier-Bresson