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Nothing transforms a woman quite like motherhood. We give ourselves fully: emotionally, physically, and mentally. So much so, our children's DNA is quite literally etched into our bodies forever. That connection between a mother and child is one of the deepest and unbreakable bonds known to exist. It also just happens to be one of the connections I am post passionate about photographing. 

Whether it be those hazy first days of postpartum, or a sage experienced mother of tweens, both bringing some of the most challenging and soul stretching periods of motherhood… each stage of motherhood should be documented and celebrated. These sessions help freeze in time the beautiful chaos that is your current season. It's all really gone in an instant, but it forever moulds who we become as mothers for the rest of our lives.

Sessions take place over 2 hours. A simple questionnaire will be provided to help me better understand what aspects of your motherhood journey you want to celebrate as well as those you wish to shine the light onto encourage others.

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