Presets and Mentoring


When I set out to design these presets, I had one goal in mind... designing them for the way YOU shoot. You should NOT need to buy both of these sets as they are NOT very different, you would be fine buying either or, and have success with a few tweaks either way. If your portfolio swings more towards Flash, then know that set will get you there quicker. Whether you're looking for a classic clean edit, or a more moody feel, these sets have you covered. I've tried to make these dynamic enough to be different, while still maintaining a cohesive look across your portfolio.

Also as with any presets these are not magic. I mean they're magical, and yummy, and wonderful.... but you have to start with a decent, well exposed photo. I hope you integrate them into your style and workflow, and help you achieve a wonderful cohesive portfolio. 

Crisp AND clean




This pack is designed for those who shoot primarily with flash. I designed these keeping in mind flash tends to more evenly expose your images, while still leaving dramatic shadows, and even highlights. 



This pack is designed for those who shoot primarily with natural/window light, keeping in mind the wide range of variables, these look wonderful with both indoor and outdoor images. I will say these are geared to be a darker, moodier set. But I've also had great success with brighter, backlit images as well! Lastly, these are NOT ideal for MIXED lighting (window mixed with lightbulb light), but rather total natural light. 

Natural Light:

My aim when creating this mentoring program, was to keep it simple. By keeping it simple, I hope that you can lead the dialog with what you hope to improve upon, and truly feel that I am here to give you a customized approach to addressing your specific needs.

IMPORTANT: Due to non-compete standards I do not offer professional mentorships to anyone within 100 mile radius of Columbus, GA. However for my Beginners Class I will take local mentees, who are simply seeking to learn how to better use their camera. 

Let's Keep It Simple.



This one hour session is ideal for established and semi established professionals wanting to delve deeply into one area challenging your business, or briefly covering a couple of topics, or possibly a portfolio review. During this session we usually find areas that need more attention, and additional hours can be added, or you can then opt to upgrade to the 6 Month Mentorship, with your balance being forwarded to that package.

One on One Mentoring


During this hour and a half session, I will walk you through step by step how I edit. We'll cover workflow in the software I use, to color correcting, and how I hand edit my photos. We'll also discuss ideal settings for exporting so you can achieve crisp online images for social media. I will edit an image of mine, as well as some of yours, once we're done you'll have a complementary custom preset designed just for you and your style. LightRoom/ACR and Photoshop required. (I edit in LR & PS).

One on One Editing

Specializing in Birth, Underwater, & Family Documentary