Hourly: $250/hr:
 2 hr. minimum required. This includes only set up, actual shooting, & break down. 

Postproduction Fees: $85/hr:
 This includes culling, editing, retouching, creating proof galleries.

Limited Licensing Agreements:
These costs and terms are agreed upon on individual client and usage basis. Price determined base on terms of campaign.

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Launching just prior to Mother’s Day, the film reached over 100 million people on Facebook platforms alone. People also wanted to share content, with the share rate being twice as high as the benchmark (0.05% on platform) . There were nearly 1 million clicks (942K) to the support hub, from parents wanting to connect with other parents to non-parents wanting to show their support.




The cross-media creative concept developed with Farner helps expectant mothers with their questions and concerns about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Films, posters, social ads, banners, ads and the landing page address them honestly and directly with authenticity and sensitivity. 



This 3x Award Winning campaign was a prelude to the launch of this Irish upstart's line of postpartum care products. Imagery focused on the postpartum period of motherhood and the difficulties that often come with healing, and adjusting to motherhood. Storylines, plays on the concept of stretch-marks, scars, and the overall toll pregnancy and childbirth have on the body, but also the lines that tell the story of the journey to motherhood.



The photos initially started out as a personal project, growing into a community project, and ultimately led to going viral worldwide. The project gave mother's a chance to explore their own struggles with body image issues, leading to a wider conversation about social expectations of beauty, and what it means to be body positive.


GLOBALly Viral

Caddis Interactive, the agency handling this campaign worked with Jeff Foxworthy and his team to help launch his newest project at the time, Foxworthy Outdoors. Imagery consisted of studio and product photography, as well as landscape and on-location shots of his property.

JEff Foxworthy


Various work for the city of Columbus, GA as the freelance photographer on record at the largest advertising agency in Columbus, GA.

Columbus Covention & Visitors Bureau

COlumbus, GA

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