anewmum Case Study


Story Lines


At anewmum we believe that with the delivery of your baby, your body not only tells the story of your child’s birth, but also that of you becoming a mother – one that needs as much care as your precious infant. In becoming a new mum, your body may get wrinkled, stretched or scarred and whilst we encourage women to embrace their postpartum ‘story lines’ and wear them with pride, we also value support, relief and healing from the side-effects of childbirth.

I will always bear the marks of carrying our boy and getting him here safely, and for that I am forever grateful.

Marian resolved to develop a range of healthcare products specifically for postpartum women like her. Four years and various entrepreneur programmes and product trials later, anewmum started to produce exactly what she had wished for back when she was postpartum.

“The photos Neely took captured everything I had hoped for and more, so positive and heart-warming” 

-Marian Kennedy

columbus, ga photographer

Specializing in Family, Birth, & Commercial Photography