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(Just a heads up, when you watch the slideshow, that is sweet Prudence’s daddy singing to her at the beginning!)
When you specialize in the same field for years, you get into a groove and sometimes think you’ve seen it all. Then you have a client who delivers within 26 minutes of arriving at the hospital, and actually it could’ve been quicker, but we won’t make daddy feel bad. I’ll explain. Maris called me that evening around 10:18 PM telling me she was on her way to  the hospital, that her contractions weren’t the usual 5 min apart, but that they were intense and “different”. I asked if she wanted me to wait until she got to triage at the hospital and she said no, but that she would call me when her in-laws arrived at the house to care for her kids. By the end of our 30 second conversation, she could barely speak and I decided there would be no waiting for the next call in regards to in-laws. I hung up and immediately got in the car to be there at the ER when they arrived.

Dad, knowing how his wife labors (this isn’t his first rodeo, he last transition lasted just over 30 minutes), pulled up to the ER entrance and left the car running as he helped his bride inside. Without a moments notice, she was swooped up into a wheelchair and rushed upstairs to L&D. Daddy, stressed that he had left the car running and the door open! The lady at check in assured him, the priority was going with his wife, not to worry. So up we go, briskly being whisked through the halls to Labor and Delivery. Immediately there is a buzz in the room: paperwork starts flying, nurses in and out, and Maris breathing through each wave of contractions like a champ. Within 30 seconds of being in the room Kendall informs the nurses and the midwife of the current car running situation. He’s assured he has time to move the car, again Maris still isn’t contracting every 5 minutes. So he leaves to move the car to the parking deck. At this point Maris is clearly transitioning, and gets checked by the midwife all of 2 minutes after Kendall left the room. She’s complete, 10 cm and ready to go. But no Kendall. So we wait, she does her quick, short breaths the keep the urge to push at bay. No Kendall. Nurses are getting on phones, walkie-talkies, security guards are skimming the levels of the parking deck to let dad know to RUN. What was only 6 minutes seemed like an ETERNITY. In comes Kendall, bless him, he was just doing what he was told, like a good husband 🙂 And it’s finally time to push. 2 contractions and 6 minutes later Prudence “greeted a brand new day”.

The next day, Prudence met her two big brothers. They quite literally stole the show. Love at first sight! And hearing her biggest brother gush over his Princess P as he hugged, cuddled, and kissed all over her, I was a puddle on the floor! Birth is amazing. Family is amazing. This job I call mine, is amazing.

Here is the 26 minute break down from arrival to baby born:
10:26 Arrive
10:32 Kendall moves car
10:46 Kendall returns
10:52Baby Prudence arrives!
Grand Total of 26 minutes of beautiful chaos

The staff, the nurses, the midwife Melissa, were all phenomenal… grace under pressure. Just another day on the job. And Maris, my dear, you were radiant, powerful, graceful, and totally in control of your body. It was an inspiring thing to behold.

Just for fun, I’m including our conversation that started that morning. Little did you know that the frustration that started your morning, would be greeted with the birth of your daughter before bedtime.

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