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Only the coolest kids are born on November 14th… My sweet Finns made me a mommy on November 14th three years ago. She was brought into this world by the loving hands of Dr. Stephens, who also did the honors for this birth. Precious peanut right here joined the November 14th club. It was already a special day for me and my daughter, but getting to watch another baby come into this world on our special day was such a blessing.
Jeannie and Tyler are just amazing people with the biggest hearts, and equally impressive senses of humor. Keep an eye out for Tyler doing the Superman shirt tear, to reveal his NPR super powers. And I can’t forget their first born, I had the esteemed honor of photographing Charles through his first year. His personality can hardly be contained and he nearly steals the show towards the end. Nothing quite beats the bond of brothers and I can’t wait to see the mischief these two get into!

Jeannie you are beautiful, both outside and in! I am thrilled to have your gorgeous self in front of my camera ANYTIME. You make it look effortless!

And as always thank you to Dr. Stephens and all of the other OB’s, midwives, nurses, and hospital staff that are always so accommodating and supportive of me.. allowing me to capture these memories for my clients. I am eternally grateful!

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