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All moms deserve medals, truly. No matter the labor, the pain, the sleepless nights. We all deserve medals. But there are some instances where my clients inspire me beyond my imagination. Kristen had a long labor, an intense labor, a labor that ultimately seemed to be giving her sweet babe a hard time. She had a curve ball thrown her way… after getting so close to the finish line, a c-section was called. This wasn’t what she envisioned, it wasn’t the delivery her dreams were made of. But praise the Lord, she had an angel of an OB on call that day, one of the few I have heard of and now witnessed, who allowed her to have a family centered c-section. Birth, ever unpredictable, sometimes things don’t quite go as you had imagined. A contingency plan of sorts goes into affect and you chisel away at the priorities you once had. I know Kristen and Clark are thankful for doctors that know how important these seemingly little things are, but so am I. Our community is ahead of the game even having this option on the table.  Helping a mother feel involved in her c-section, instead of it feeling like birth just “happened” to her. Kristen was given the next best gift in her contingency plan, she got a family centered c-section. Baby went to her chest, and daddy got to cut the cord. I believe, in that moment, so much healing took place. Not every circumstance will allow this, but I pray the ones that do, the trend will continue to ebb in their favor.
*** A note from the OB: “This is a non-traditional approach to c-section deliveries.  After counseling the patient and speaking with all of the staff involved regarding the plan and any safety concerns, I was really glad that I could make their moment special. From the OB who has had an emergency cesarean delivery.” ***

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  1. Caroline says:

    How adorable were those proud grandparents!? So sweet. This babe shares a birthday with my Cale.
    Many congrats to them on his safe arrival. My favorite pic was one of mama and baby after delivery when they were back in her room and they are doing skin to skin and BOTH smiling. Such a tender and blissful shot.

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