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I’ve been blessed to know these two for more years than I care to mention… so being asked along to document sweet Edee’s birth, was, well… an honor. I have been alongside these two photographing their life’s milestones. I shot their engagement photos, their wedding, and now the birth of their child.
There is beauty is waiting. There is perfection in waiting. There is growth in waiting. Strength. Faith. Surrendering. And in their waiting, sweet Edee came along… in her perfection, in her beauty, in her strength. I hope you enjoy watching their story. Keep an eye out for dad’s tears through his surgical mask, and Skyping with his mother back home in El Salvador, and the ring he is wearing that belonged to his late father. It was a goal to make sure all that were “missing” physically, were captured there in love and spirit on this most amazing day.

Maggie and Julio, Edee is adorable. You guys did a great job. Thanks for trusting me with these memories. I’m forever grateful for your friendship.

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Bethany Dillon – I am Waiting

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