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This sweet momma here was one of the first 3 women to ever trust me with the honorable task of capturing the birth of her first child. To be asked back into these families lives, years later gives my heart such joy. 

Stephanie and Bill followed suit with this pregnancy as they did with their first, and decided not to find out the gender of their sweet babe until delivery. The moment you hear, “It’s a girl!”, tears were streaming down nearly every cheek in the room.

And sweet Will, their son, oh you guys! When he sees his sister for the first time, repeatedly saying she was a boy, and that her name was Norman, it was too funny. But quickly, within a moment, he was adoring his sister and showering her with hugs and kisses.

All of my birth clients are so so special to me. You guy put your trust in me into be capture and be present for these sacred moments. But those first 3-4 families that were on board with my birth photography in the beginning, that saw value in these moments being captured before it was considered a commodity… my soul will forever be grateful to you all for setting me on this path, for providing me the opportunity to do something I love, and forever changing the trajectory of my life. THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart!


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