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One nice thing about maternity leave… family vacation. Another nice thing about maternity leave…. I actually have time to edit my own family photos. What a concept! It’s an irony not lost on many photographers, that we have the capability to shoot our own family, the photos to show for it, but in my case 99% of the time they sit unedited, on countless hard drives. I know, pot meet kettle.
So he’s my New Year’s resolution 10 months too late. I will blog more personal blogs. I will put my family photos higher up the priority list. Sweet clients, cut me a little slack if you see a personal post. I promise you still and always will come first before my editing my family sessions.

That being said. Enjoy the cuteness that are the Bec-Ker-Foxes (Beckers and Ker-Foxes).

Beyond blessed to call this crazy bunch my own. Next year this time, God willing, we’ll have the missing matriarch and patriarch of the Ker-Fox side officially living stateside and with us for more memory making!┬áMissing my momma on this trip as well! She better grace us with her beautiful presence next time!



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