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So as well as blogging in general more this year… I’m trying to make sure that I take more photos of my sweet little Fox this year. Not that I didn’t take TONS of her over the last 15 months. But now that she’s moving. A LOT. Her little personality is shining through. As a photographer, unfortunately our families take the biggest hit photographically because we always put our clients first. So this year (here’s a blog post to hold me accountable), I will be doing more personal blogs. Mainly for me, but hey I bet you guys enjoy all this cuteness too. Finns loves “helping” me around the house. All of the antics below were totally non-provoked… towel on her head, yep all her. Walking around like a little drunk baboon nearly stumbling into walls, all the while babbling having a great conversation! She’s my best buddy. I love her so!


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