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This mom. Her husband. Their birth team. Everyone fought so hard for this precious momma. They pulled out all the stops to provide the delivery she had hoped and waited years for. Unfortunately, after all options were exhausted, and mom was rightfully exhausted.. sweet babe came into the world through her mom’s tummy, and all was right in their world.

Jessica and Martin, you were such an amazing team. Jessica you are fierce (that word is so overused, but in this case totally necessary). YOU ARE FIERCE. You fought like a warrior through your labor, and then you faced the unknowns of surgery like a boss. I wanted to crawl in your recovery room with you and just hug you and tell you how proud I was of you. And Martin, my friend, you were her steadfast rock. If you were nervous you never let her see. You were a constant source of encouragement. And when sweet Martha Ruth needed some skin to skin while mom was in the OR, you gave her a warm place to wait for mom. 

And her team… Her OB Dr. McPherson, her amazing nurses Ashley and Leslie, and of course the baby crew of Dr. Cason, Dr. Taylor and her precious baby nurse, Melissa that I caught adoring Martha during her newborn exam, and Joelle who so sweetly helped daddy do skin to skin. She had the dream team. But then again, everyone at St. Francis comprises to make a dream team!








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