Columbus, Ga Photographer | The Wander Years | Layman Family

One of the hardest realizations as a parent, is that each day, if we’re raising them well and loving them fiercely… they will inevitably wander further and further from the warmth of our arms. They will wander out into the world, and we will hold our breath waiting for them to wander back home through our doors. These years, while they are home and still snug in their beds, while I can still wrap my arms around their tiny but growing bodies… These are our Wander Years.

This sweet family hired me to come capture their family together before dad’s job took him out of the home for the next year. His heart feared the older, tween boys might not want to snuggle him as much once he returned. So snuggle was the name of the game this session.

Intimacy is at the root of love, and although it changes through the years with our kids. It’s always there, we just have to look for it.


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