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Intimate Motherhood Session Columbus, GA

This Intimate Motherhood photo session in Columbus, Ga was such a treasure. Three years ago the pandemic eviscerated both my business and my health. It took three years to get well, and rebrand and rebuild. To say I was nervous to get back out there would be a massive understatement. But the Lord showed up and brought the sweetest person to help welcome me back to shooting full time again. I have never left a session so sure of what I’m being called to do in this next stage of my career. I think a natural extension of birth is the postpartum stage, melting into the forever stage of lifelong motherhood.

Motherhood is my Muse

Since becoming a mother myself in 2011, motherhood has permeated nearly every corner of me creatively. Capturing moment’s like this for Rebekah solidified that this is my soul’s song Lead me Lord to tell more stories of the beauty and intimacy of motherhood. Let me uplift and encourage, let me tell all, show all, and encourage all. Give me new moms, give me grandmother’s with their grandchildren, give me senior mothers with their midlife children, give me adoption, give me surrogacy, give me loss… motherhood doesn’t fit into a neat and tidy box. And I can’t wait to show all the ways it’s beautiful, and the greatest gift.

Rebekah, thank you for igniting my creativity in ways I didn’t know I needed.

I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me into your home, into the intimate folds of your daily life in the most sacred of spaces. Thank you for trusting me and the process, for allowing your vulnerability in the more private moments. Your home was gorgeous and the light seemed unfairly perfect, which I fully took advantage of. Motherhood comes so naturally to you, you wear it’s beauty effortlessly.

If this Intimate motherhood photo session in Columbus GA resonated with you, and you would love to capture similar moments in your life, I would love the chance to photograph your version of motherhood.

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