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I’ve been blessed to know, love, and shoot this family for a VERY long time now. They were literally some of my first guinea pigs when it came to me becoming a photographer. Karan Anne is always up for trusting me with some new idea. As I move my business into strictly a documentary medium, I knew her family and these sweet boys would fit the mould perfectly. Honestly, any family fits this mould. Whether you believe it or not, your everyday mundane… is remarkably beautiful! So don’t be shy, and don’t worry about a spotless house (the #1 fear of mom’s inquiring about these sessions). Messy homes, and messy faces are the things that show us our lives are being lived! Oh and cute kiddo tushies help too!





Hawks - 2015 -131

  1. Caroline says:

    Whoa, can you go back and document that house!? Just gorgeous. That bathroom! That kitchen! A rock wall!? And three cute cute boys. What a fun home.

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