When I set out to design these presets, I had one big goal in mind… designing them for the way YOU shoot. Some of these gorgeous presets you see online look wonderful when paired with images shot with natural light. Yet you pair it with a photo shot with flash, and it looks completely different. You should NOT need to buy both of these sets as they are NOT very different, you would be fine buying either or, and have success with a few tweaks either way. But if your portfolio swings more towards Flash, then know that set will get you there quicker. Whether you’re looking for a classic clean edit, or a more moody feel, this set has you covered. I’ve tried to make these dynamic enough to be different, while still maintaining a cohesive look across your portfolio.

Also as with any presets these are not magic. I mean they’re magical, and yummy, and wonderful…. but you have to start with a decent, well exposed photo. I hope you integrate them into your style and workflow, and help you achieve a wonderful cohesive portfolio. 



Ker-Fox B&W

This is my baby, 8 years of customizing, tweaking, and fine tuning. I don’t think I could sell something more personal than this preset right here. I use this preset for BOTH my flash images as well as my ambient light shots. It’s incredibly versatile. and creates a nice even spectrum. My aim, is that exposure and maybe a smidge of the highlight slider should get you where you want. 




This pack is designed for those who shoot primarily with flash. I designed these keeping in mind flash tends to more evenly expose your images, while still leaving dramatic shadows, and even highlights. 

[Straight out of camera, with Moody preset applied]





Natural Light

This pack is designed for those who shoot primarily with natural/window light, keeping in mind the wide range of variables, these look wonderful with both indoor and outdoor images. I will say these are geared to be a darker, moodier set. But I’ve also had great success with brighter, backlit images as well! Lastly, these are NOT ideal for MIXED lighting (window mixed with lightbulb light), but rather total natural light. 

[Straight out of camera, with WARM preset applied & exposure adjustments]


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