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IMG_2230Photographing a birth is always an honor, but being asked by a fellow photographer to capture the intricacies of their delivery takes that honor to a whole different level. Secondly, shooting a birth of a dear friend and his beautiful wife, who battled years with fertility to get pregnant, I was beyond thrilled to be given this responsibility.

As momma bravely battled wave upon wave of contractions, her and Matt graciously and candidly told me their testimony and trials of infertility. They spoke with such conviction, their faith was on display big time. It was truly something to see. Hearing them talk about the week to week, month to month, year to year disappointments and frustrations… the reality of the coming hours as they waiting for their daughter overwhelmed me. I know how much I prayed for my babies, how much I imagined what they would look like, how much I ached to hold them in my arms safely. But in an instant, I myself was humbled… I couldn’t fathom the excitement, and anticipation they had in their hearts waiting to hold their sweet girl finally.

I thought the lyrics of this song were perfect…. “I wait patiently for you”.

God is great, He is merciful, and he hears our prayers. I hope you enjoy their story. And for all those moms and dads out there waiting in anticipation for your baby, struggling with fertility, God can move mountains. Hang in there.

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Spencer Combs – You Are Mine

  1. caroline says:

    Wow, I love that last shot of the family’s arms embracing that little girl. Very happy for this family with the safe and much anticipated arrival of their sweet blessing
    Lovely, lovely work, Neely. As always

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