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So this dear sweet lady went from being my husband’s college professor and mentor, to our neighbor, to a dear friend that I got to share the honor of watching her become a mommy all over again. I must say though that I nearly missed “that moment”. They currently hold the closest call I’ve had yet to missing the actual birth. Thank the good Lord that I live so close to the hospital, and probably pulled a few illegal driving moves to get there in time. Daddy texted me at 7:53 am, and all the text said was, “It’s time!”. I arrived at 8:01, and baby was born at 8:10…. Hey-YO! Too close for comfort! And thank goodness I made it in time to capture these big smiles, loving embraces, and first breath of life.¬†Also this sweet boy was born just 24 hours after my previous birth. I literally had two mommas down the hall from each other, made for interesting times and no sleep, but then again who can sleep when this your job. I am so grateful and so blessed to be able to do what I do, with these amazing families, doctors, nurses, and hospitals all together. It takes all of their support to be able to do my job, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Side note to make this an even sweeter story, momma and doctor are really close friends. So that smile you see on doc’s face, is just genuine happiness for her dear friend. I just love it!

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