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So I promised since I was the second child myself, and grew up well aware of the “shortcomings” that come with being the second child: incomplete photo albums, in comparison to my brother’s 6 complete albums bursting at the seams, hand me down toys and clothes vs. new everything. Yeah, I had fabulous intentions, and just as parenthood slaps you in the face the first time around and gives you overwhelming appreciation (and guilt) for what your parents did to keep you alive and prospering as a human being; I have yet again been slapped in the face that this poor, sweet boy we are so anxiously waiting on… will most definitely suffer the reality of second child syndrome.
With my pregnancy with Finley I took weekly belly photos, painstakingly documenting my weekly growth with excitement and anticipation. I felt terrible if I accidentally missed a week. This time around. I took my flat belly photo when we found out we were expecting. Then all hell broke loose, sickness, pregnancy in general with a toddler, running a business, etc. Flash forward some 30-odd weeks later and I still didn’t have a bare belly shot of this miracle I’m growing inside me. Thankfully he’s a boy and probably won’t be remised that there isn’t an abundance of photos of his mother’s bare belly. But nonetheless, for myself, I wish I had been more proactive documenting this pregnancy… my last, God willing, unless the big Man upstairs has other plans.

With all that being said, here I am 37 weeks pregnant, ready to pop and thankful that my husband humored me in the studio. He’s been down for the count with a cold, but I managed to talk him into a quick session with Finns. I knew exactly what I wanted. I set up the scene, the wardrobe, the lighting, directed my sweet hubby, and was blown away at how perfectly he captured exactly what I was seeing in my head. I guess we’re a pretty good team when it comes to that.

I will cherish these always.

Mommas, no matter how “big” or “un-pretty” you may feel at the end. Take photos, take lots and lots of photos. What our bodies are doing is a miracle, the most beautiful miracle there is. Own it, rock it, be proud of it. And not just while you’re pregnant. Wear those stretch marks, c-section scars, and battle wounds with pride. Let them be the daily reminder of the awesome work your body did to get your most precious assets here!




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