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I’ve known Ritchie and Molly now since 2009. Ritchie is a phenomenal photographer, and he was also one of the first professionals I ever reached out to when I decided I wanted to become a photographer myself. He didn’t discard my curiousities, he helped nurture a VERY naive beginner into the photographer that I am today. He didn’t dish out free advice, I followed him like a lost dog on shoots, carrying reflectors, asking him question after question. It was my first lesson in nothing is free. He worked years to acquire the knowledge I was trying to learn from him. Whether he knows it or not, I give a credit to my success thanks to his friendship, wisdom and guidance. His leadership went well beyond photography in my personal life. I got to know him and his wife, I met her while she was pregnant with their 2nd son, sweet Anna Beth makes 4! I’ve watched their family grow, I’ve soaked up their nuggets of wisdom on marriage, parenthood, family, and faith. Molly is my spirit-animal. For real. I admire her grace, strength, humility, and just sheer passion for loving her family. To say that these two have blessed my life would be an understatement.
Whether it be business ethics, workflow questions, juggling family and work, or Molly listening to me grieve and navigate weaning my last baby… I am forever thankful for their friendship. I KNOW I would not be where I am today as a photographer, wife, and mother without these two leading, living, and loving by example.

That being said…. HELLO… they have a DAUGHTER! A GIRL! After 3 boys, their world just got a little more frilly and a little more sweet. Please, try to hold your heart in your chest when you watch their 3 boys meet their baby sister for the first time. There were kisses and tiny hands all over her.

Sweet Anna Beth, you are loved, endlessly. And you are blessed being brought into one heck of a family. With your mommy, daddy, and 3 big brothers… you are destined for great things!

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