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Every baby, every time, is truly a miracle. When you think about all the variables that come together to create a human, the timing, the science of cell division, implantation, genetic coding making them uniquely individual. Every. Single. Time. It blows my mind. Then comes along a baby that encompasses all those things just mentioned, and then takes it to another level. Her momma fought for years to fall pregnant. She battled chronic endometriosis, 2 invasive surgeries, one of which left her with one ovary, and threatened hysterectomy. I remember talking to her on the phone and her saying she didn’t know if she would wake up with her ovaries and her uterus. I truly cannot imagine the pain she has endured. Not only physically, but emotionally. The desire for us as women to want to be a mother is unlike any other, whether biologically or through adoption, we long to nurture another human being with unconditional love. I know in my heart, as only a mother can, how much her body, her heart, her womb, ached to have a baby. Through her journey and her testimony I have gained a friend, a hero, and an inspiring mother who shows me daily how to love and live in a moment.
I also want to sing her husband’s praises. It’s not just the woman who walks the path of endometriosis and fertility strife. Her precious husband has walked by her side, holding her up, loving her through her pain, and being her strength and best friend. During their maternity session, labor and delivery, and newborn sessions, this guy gushed over his bride and their daughter. He was one of the most hands on, affectionate husband/father I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Kevin I am equally blessed by your friendship as well.

Together you guys remind me what marriage and parenting is all about. It’s about selflessly loving one another, honoring one another, in sickness and in health, for better or worse. Thank you for living your vows out loud!

Here is Lindsey’s testimony in her own words. Do yourself a favor and read it. You will understand the magnitude of the life of this little girl:

It has been a very emotional,spiritual, and physical roller coaster. I knew I had stage 4 endometriosis, and as I got older, it got a lot worse. I could control it with birth control for years, but until we started trying on our own…it grew fast and ugly. We realized after a year of trying, and my pain only getting worse now throughout the month as well, something was wrong. It was attacking all my major organs, and muscles. I have had two major abdominal surgeries to remove it, and it continued to grow fast like kudzu in my body. We would aggressively try and get me pregnant immediately after surgery, and nothing worked. Most every drug and shot we tried on the market. I didn’t care if it jeopardized my health, or risks of triplets, we wanted a family. I wanted to be a mom. My husband and I are two loving people, and we wanted so badly children of our own. We couldn’t wrap our head around why God hasn’t made us parents thus far. It was very discouraging, because we would feel hopeful after each surgery. No matter the odds, we knew God was in control. He is the ultimate doctor and healer, and we continued to trust in him and his timing in the good times and bad. After my first surgery, I had a miscarriage. It was bittersweet…I was devastated because I lost my child only two weeks after we found out, but then again I was hopeful I could get pregnant in the future. It was the first time I’ve ever seen the plus sign on a pregnancy test. After my second surgery exactly a year later, I felt great. We went forward with aggressive fertility treatment, and IUI’s, and it all failed. I just knew every phone call from the doctors office with my pregnancy results were negative, and they were. I would cry every time the fertility office number would pop up. We were told by three doctors our only chance of getting pregnant was thru Invitro Fertilization(IVF), and with that expensive option, it wasn’t even 100% guaranteed. We didn’t care at that point. We signed up for it three months in advance. They do it in quarters. In the meantime while waiting for our round to start, I finally reached my mental and physical threshold. Sweating and thinking this couldn’t work after they money we invested, could be super devastating. I told my husband to take me away on a trip to Nashville, and lets enjoy these next few months, and not think one time about having a baby before we started IVF. We have never prayed so hard in our entire life for Gods will to be done, and never truly relaxed. Sure enough, against all odds,before starting IVF medications, I found out I was pregnant the end of October. That was the best news for the both of us!

Honestly for so long I felt I never had a cool testimony as a believer. I didn’t do drugs or was a recovering addict, I never felt mine was powerful in highschool. I doubted my salvation because when I got saved and baptized I just wanted to dedicate my life to Christ. It was a decision I made and I kept praying God would strengthen my testimony so I could help other people. because I felt mine just wasn’t inspiring. Low and behold that’s when my sickness got amped up a notch and my testimony is my sickness. What we went through with infertility, and my faith being tested, I pray it inspires believers to maintain hope in this lost world.

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