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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this client/friend since we were teenagers. Watching her labor and become a mom, I couldn’t help but to flash back to conversations over lunch in the high school cafeteria, or going out for nights on the town to celebrate our 21st birthdays. Yet, there I sat, watching the most important moments of her life, with tears streaming down my face as I watched hands down, one of the most intense labors I’ve ever attended. She had a room full of support… cheerleaders loving her through each contraction. I told her then, and I’ve told her several times since, that I was SO very proud of her. I don’t think I had the words to convey to her, nor do I think she realized in that moment the magnitude of what she fought through (of course she does now), but I was in awe of her:  her strength, her determination, and her beauty in becoming a mother.
Insley was a little early, but with each day she was here before her due date, was one more day to love her! She is perfect and I am over the moon happy for you and Matt!

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