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Nothing like booking a client, having your consult, and her go into labor all in the same day. Her labor pretty much followed that quick trend as well. I think I literally took one shot of her pushing. Just one. The rush of the quick progress of labor and sweet Reece’s arrival left stunned and excited faces all around. Josina didn’t even have time to work up a sweat. Heck she even snuck in a quick cat nap before the big show. And her husband Derrick may or may not steel the show in more ways that one. From his ear to ear smile seeing his son for the first time, to his priceless face while cutting the cord. Derrick was a a doting, and supportive coach for his bride.
She was a champ, and in all seriousness, labor is no joke, it’s difficult business pushing a baby out or going through a c-section. Josina, just made it look like a 60 meter sprint. She had a room full of adoring love and support and it shows in every image. It was a whirlwind experience from consult to baby being born… I’m just thankful I got to be a part of this sweet one’s birthday. Congratulations Josina and Derrick and thank you for asking me into your lives!

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  1. Donna says:

    Ohhhh my…. so sweet!!! What a beautiful boy…. I am always amazed at when the momma lays her baby on her chest how the baby always looks right at the mom, it’s like such a happy connection moment between momma and baby!!.. You just feel it happening….That baby knows it is loved!.. Only God could make this such a special time. It is beautiful…. I wish them all a lifetime of memories and happiness, and this memory will sure be a great place to start this young life, when one day he sees how his first hours on this earth started… Beautiful birth story Neely!! Beautiful family!! God Bless you always…

  2. Jennifer Rainey Mason says:

    Love every one of these <3

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