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Sometimes, birth doesn’t quite go as you had envisioned or daydreamed about. Sometimes you try all you have at your disposal to turn your baby, but baby has other plans. Then ultimately at the end of your road, acceptance and excitement always take over, and the next thing you know you have this perfect baby in your arms, and it all becomes worth it. A million times, worth it all.
I loved that Sara and her husband Rob decided not to find out what they were having… as you watch keep an eye out for the parents reactions in the waiting room, and again in the recovery room when Sara tells her mother the baby’s name. This sweet girl marks the 4th generation of Saras!

Sara you were radiant, strong, and simply stunning… a natural mother instantly. And Rob, you were doting, tender and strong, supportive, and also a total natural stepping into the role of fatherhood!

It is always an honor to be there for my clients, but I feel a tug in my heart and a greater sense of responsibility for my c-section mommas, to capture those moments they miss. I pray I did well by Sara and her sweet family. God bless you all and thank you for allowing me into your lives for this monumental day!


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