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I’ve been there for all FOUR of this momma’s babies. And this was her 3rd successful VBAC. Watching Marlia through each of these births was like watching iron sharpen iron. She grew stronger and more confident in what her body could do, and more comfortable in her own skin. In a word, confidence.

She stands a lone in a category all on her own, my only 4-peat client. I’m beyond grateful for the friendship that blossomed through this work, and I can’t wait to see who these sweet blessings grow up to be. Not too fast of course.




Columbus, Ga Photographer | Birth | Ker-Fox Photography | Elliott


This momma had a few hiccups during her last birth that kept her from fully getting the experience she had hoped for. Not this time, she had the perfect team surrounding her, all with the same goal, helping Brianne welcome baby Haddon into this world peacefully and safely. Brianne labored naturally, and was supported by her husband and her stellar nurse Kelly. Doctor Stephens was his usual team player and allowed Marc to yet again catch his baby and lay her on mom’s chest. Needless to say brother’s were pretty pumped to welcome baby sister too!


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Columbus, Ga Photographer | Birth | Ker-Fox Photography | Haddon

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Giving birth in general is no easy feat. Giving birth unmedicated, during not one but two separate tornados is next level status. We knew bad weather was in the works for our area, unfortunately no one could have prepared our community and surrounding neighbors for what unfolded that day.

Becca was moved to three different locations during the birth of David, all at varying stages of labor. First you will see her laboring her her normal room, then she is moved to an interior hallway alongside the blue draped cart usually wheeled in just before pushing. She, Paul, and her midwife patiently strolled the halls until they were told even that wasn’t safe, and they were then placed into a small triage room. Becca progressed further. The all clear was announced and she was moved back to her labor room. We thought the worst of the bad weather was done for the day. Another hour passed, bringing Becca into transition. My heart dropped when the tornado siren went off, again. How in the world could they move her now, how would this effect her mental state this close to pushing? This time she was was moved to a different triage room, as the other was now occupied. This room, much smaller, would be the room she would welcome her sweet son into just minutes after settling into her new space. The lights flickered, the sound of generators could be heard coming on, portable lights were being brought into the room, cold washcloths and make shift fans helped cool her off without air conditioning. None of that mattered, she was laser focused on her son and her son alone. Even in the midst of organized chaos, everyone and everything worked like a well oiled machine. He was here safely, as was Becca.

As the excitement of the afternoon went from a roar to a whisper, the gravity of what went on outside the walls of the hospital came to light. Our hearts rejoiced at both the beauty of new life, and the grief of lives lost that day.

To the people of Beauregard, Alabama that lost their lives that day, you were in our hearts then, and you remain there today. As do the people of Columbus, Phenix City, Eufaula, Ellerslie and beyond who lost their homes and property.

Columbus, Ga Birth Photographer | Ker-Fox Photography| David

Serendipity: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I wasn’t supposed to be able to shoot this birth. I already had THREE clients that month. But somehow, timing all worked out, and sweet Hudson was to be number FOUR. FOUR babies born within 7 days. Hudson, was one of two born within hours of each other. By the grace of God, both at the same hospital, mere rooms apart. One mom was 6 cm, when I was called into the OR with Tyson and Bekah. I managed to capture the entire birth, in what felt like a whirlwind. Upon returning to the recovering room, my other client was now 8cm and I waited anxiously for Bekah to get back into the room so I could at least grab some of her truly holding her son for the first time. They wheeled her in, handed her son to her and she and Tyson were one. All together, in one room, in one embrace. About that time I got the text that my other client was complete, so I rushed down the hallway for baby number two of the morning. In the organized chaos that was that morning, magic happened. Two different births, two different ways of coming into the world within minutes of each other, but at the heart of it all the same. Unconditional love. Families being made, and families growing.

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columbus, ga birth photographer | ker-fox photography | hudson

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