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The longer I do this, the more repeat clients I have… and this precious momma has had two very important firsts for me as a birth photographer. Her first baby was my first family centered csection, and this baby was my first csection with the use of a clear drape. I witnessed both births completely change the perception of birth for this mom and dad. The family centered csection created that physical immediacy, dad was able to cut the cord, mom instantly cradled her baby within her arms. And this birth, with the clear drape… it gave mom the visual of seeing her baby born. It removed that barrier, that mystery of birth happening to you. She lifted her head, looked past her tummy, and saw her child being birthed. No she didn’t see anything she didn’t want to, neither did dad, they simply watched their child come into this world, and truly there’s nothing more amazing. My heart is encouraged and humbled to have been a front seat witness to the changes and choices that are being made available to these families. I’m so proud of our community!


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