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Completely not intentional that I have two back to back, multi-racial birth/adoption related stories to share. But brace yourselves for big brother by 9 months to steal the show when he smother’s his new brother in kisses.

Brianne and Marc had a rough road to conceiving, they had tried for quite some time, but always knew adoption was part of their bigger plan, regardless of conceiving biologically. Baby Zeke came into their lives, and took the world’s heart by storm. His big brown eyes, and a smile that lights up a room… not to mention the hugs he gave as he got older. 

I’m not sure if Brianne remembers this or not, but shortly after they adopted Zeke, they were at my house shooting his now famous Milk Bath session. Disappointedly, Brianne said she felt crampy, and was frustrated at the thought of her impending upcoming cycle. And I very stupidly (as I never would want to cause emotional pain on the subject) said, “Maybe it’s implantation cramps!”. Well little did either of us know, but she was in fact pregnant. Sweet baby Spurgeon was crashing his big bro’s Milk Bath session!

I’ve never met two people more on fire for the Lord than these two. I mean they live it, they don’t just talk the talk. I can’t imagine two greater parents, for these two precious boys. The Lord knew what he was doing when He knit these lives together. Their family, their testimony will live out for years to come… as they show the world what God’s love looks like. 


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