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Just like our children can be SO different, so can our labors. This precious momma fought, and fought, and fought for hours. Epidurals not touching her back pain, due to sweet boy being in OP position. He just wasn’t coming down to dilate her cervix. At one point the dreaded c-section word was mention.

At two separate times myself and her midwife prayed over her. And thanks to her well trained midwife, Melissa, who pulled out all of her bags of tricks, helped momma rock and open her hips when she herself couldn’t. It was just the jostle babe needed to come on down. She was 9cm for hours, riding each painful wave with little to no relief from her epidural (due to baby’s position).

Here is their story… in the end, the pain miraculously disappears, the fear washes away, and peace floods your heart.


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