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This is the story of a NICU nurse, whose precious babe needed a NICU stay, albeit a short one. Momma was admitted at 32 weeks with low fluid levels. They kept her for a couple of days, giving her fluids, and monitoring her and baby… thankfully that helped, and bought her and him a couple more weeks of growth. But around 35 weeks, her levels were low again, and it was time for Barrett to meet his mom and dad. The c-section went beautifully, and Barrett came out pink and crying! It was a welcomed blessing for sure. And he was such a gentleman, as he kept behaving long enough for me to get photos of him and his parents in recovery before he decided to act up and need to go to the NICU.

I came back up in a couple of days, after he was settled in. Watching Hilary take care of her own baby in the NICU was something else. She maneuvered through the wires like a seasoned pro, and helped dad navigate as well. She nursed him, and they both bottle fed him. They loved on him. 

He would come home just a few days later!


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