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Over the years of doing birth photography, and spending hours that have added up to days, that have added up to weeks, have blessed my soul with the time and opportunity to make friendships with some of the most amazing nurses. Sara Beth is one of them. If I was ever shooting a birth and she was the nurse, I knew my client was in good hands, and I knew I was as well. Two years ago, Sara Beth and I were pregnant at the same time. She was about 2 months ahead of me, and I remember watching her work on her feet those 12 hour shifts, 9 months pregnant and thinking what an amazing woman she was. There I was 2 months behind her, and barely keeping up! Not only is she a phenomenal nurse, but she’s an even more amazing wife and mother. She and her family love the Lord and His light shines SO brightly in their lives. I’m thankful for this job for countless reasons, so adding another to the list, is becoming friends with this chick right here (and about 25 other flippin’ fantastic women I could go on to list by name).

And dare I not forget to sing the praises of her precious husband, Matt! He was a champ! He was her ever steady, calm, and hands on partner. He loved and supported her emotionally. And as evident in the photos, he most definitely supported her physically, as he helped with lower back and hip compressions for hours. Melissa and Nicole, her midwives, and her nurse Patricia all doted on her, and quietly encouraged her through her journey to bring sweet Lanier earth-side. She was so beautifully supported through this labor, and the team that surrounded her, that covered her in love, was something to witness!


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