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When you have a chance to photograph the birth of a couple you have been friends with for over 11 years, well, it’s something special. I was there for the birth of their twins 3 years ago, but due to the circumstances and their gestational age of only 32 weeks, I wasn’t allowed in the OR with them. So to be able to be there this time, to not only photograph, but also video this precious miracle’s entrance was such a blessing!

Natalie and Jonathan, you both are such wonderful parents, and with the Lord’s love and guidance you are raising 3 AMAZING kiddos!

It has been an honor being your friend all these years and watching the Lord move in your lives in such beautiful ways!

  1. Laura Fifield says:

    Beautiful, beautiful work!

  2. Toni Botas says:

    I have always had a particular fascination and admiration of black and white photography. Your talent is astounding. Congratulations to this family.

  3. Natalie Bancroft says:

    This is simply stunning!!!

  4. Tanya Minotti says:

    Beautifully captured.

  5. Natalia Walth says:

    As always you knock it out of the park! Beautiful and smooth!

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