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Sometimes life throws you curve balls, and specially with birth and it’s ever unpredictable nature. Kristan was diagnosed with low platelets and was basically given two options for delivery… no epidural, or being put completely under for a c-section. Kristan is a neonatal nurse at St. Francis, and I would often see her up there working while I was shooting other births. I would always ask her if she was ready, knowing the options she faced. I think when you know you can’t rely on an epidural, your head and heart embrace and prepare differently.

She was supported beautifully by her friends and colleagues throughout the day. Her husband was a constant force by her side, reading scripture cards to her, wiping her forehead, and doing hip/back compressions the entire labor. 

Kristan successfully navigated this birth naturally, and beautifully. I mean who am I really, but I was so so proud of her! 

She and Jeremy immediately blossomed into parenthood with such grace. I’ve loved watching this sweet boy grow, and I imagine I will continue to love watching him… just not to quickly for all of our sakes. 


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