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There is a very dear place in my heart for this family. “Life” tends to keep us both busy, but these two as a couple, they are my spirit animals. I adore their authenticity and the genuine friendship that has grown through the births of two of their kiddos. I almost missed out on this friendship over 3 years ago, when I didn’t think I was going to be able to shoot her birth, myself only being 4 weeks postpartum with Alden. Goodness, how thankful I am that I was there that day and the friendship that followed. 

Kelly is a boss when she labors, she doesn’t mess around. Her body goes into autopilot and babies tend to be born breaking the speed barrier. I credit that to her good genes and hypnobabies, and a stellar husband support system. I know she and Nolan would beg to differ, and it might not be PC to say this, but I had so much fun at both of their births. Truly. Yes we laughed, but I loved watching them. How well they work together to bring their babies earth-side. While I do love watching the miracle of life, I never tire of watching couples in love. One of the perks of my job is continually witnessing love in it’s purest forms. And these two, they’ve got it. 

Oliver, the oldest stole the show at Evie’s birth which can be seen HERE. This time it was Evie’s turn the steal the show from Mac, and she did like only a middle child can. I love you sweet Pendletons! Thank you for asking me along for the fun! 


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