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This sweet woman has been in my life for the last 13 years (HOW has it been that long?!). I met Addie and Donnie in 2005 through mutual friends, and quickly found out they’re both fellow artist and creative geniuses. She’s a painter, a pottery master, with the voice of an angel, and he’s an equally amazing musician and carpenter. I had the pleasure of doing a live portrait drawing at their wedding reception, because they’re cool like that. And a couple of years later I was shooting the album cover for their first large released album. We were putting couches in creeks before it was even a thing 😂

Addie and Donnie, have had such a positive impact on my life… more than I think they even know. Her faith, and her walk with the Lord is truly something I admire, and revere. Even though she’s a good bit younger than me, I’ve always said I want to be like Addie “when I grow up”.

I’m so thankful it all worked out for me to be there for the birth of sweet Marigold. Addie had previously had a vaginal delivery with her first, a son named Abel. I was there for a fresh 48 the day after he was born. But this go around, Addie was facing a c-section due to precious babe being breech. C-sections are “usually” not the path most moms choose for their delivery, and no matter what, they are a daunting prospect.It’s like handing over the keys to the birth and delivery of your child. And I truly don’t know what is more challenging emotionally, going in for your second c-section, or in this case going in for a c-section after a vaginal delivery. Their nerves were noticeable, but one thing was certain… their total faith in the Lord providing a safe arrival of their daughter. Addie may have missed the clear drapes at our hospital by a week, but she’s one of the only moms I’ve ever seen get to hold her baby the entire time. Marigold stayed on her chest while doctors made repairs, and was even wheeled into recovery still holding her on her chest. What a blessing!

While you watch, keep an eye out for the tears of joy Addie cried when Marigold latched for the first time. To say her breastfeeding journey with Abel was difficult would be an understatement. But Marigold latched on within minutes of being on mom. I would be lying if I wasn’t soaked in tears myself. I knew what that moment meant for them. That’s not to say that Marigold’s breastfeeding journey hasn’t had it’s own challenges. Again, Addie, my hero has earned every badge of motherhood, and she’s done it with such grace. 



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