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Just when I don’t think I can be surprised by the labor process, or women in general, this lady right here finds a way. She walked around 6cm dilated, with her bag of waters bulging for nearly a week. We all knew that as soon as her water broke, things were going to go FAST. And they did! She handled her quick, intense, and medication free birth with such grace and determination. And what a team she had supporting her along the way. Her husband never left her side, and her mother’s hands helped guide her newest grandchild earth-side. 

Miranda’s mother is a past labor and delivery nurse, so watching her slip back into that familiar role, except this time with her own daughter was something to behold. 

Big brother was also smitten with his new best friend, and made sure to get in on the snuggles too.

The wonderful providers and staff and St. Francis continue to raise the bar for maternal and fetal care, and I thank them for their continued kindness towards me, allowing me to capture these memories for my clients. 




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